I recieved info from Nudelman, Klemm & Golub that

I recieved info from Nudelman, Klemm & Golub that my Captial One Bank had been placed with them to collect. I sent them an request for validation letter and all they sent me was my capital one statements and nothing else. Should I send the another request for validation or make a payment arrangement with them??

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Don't pay these people. They have recently sold all your information to a company in Kentucky who outsources to India! want to know how to legally get out of paying? Ask for a copy of the signed application. They will never be able to provide it considering this is a bought debt. Also ask for statements in chronological order.

I just got a phone call from this law firm.  I paid this debt off 15 months ago, to Capital one.  Now these people are calling me.  This is a VERY old account.  When I asked questions, I got no answers.  Thanks for all the tips.  I will be sending them certified letter tomorrow.


I have sent this agency two certified letters since Oct 2012 and they REFUSE to send me anything in writing. My account was opened in WV and there agency only can do business in NJ,PA and NY. The account is five years old, should I pay them a cent?

just claim bankruptcy and they cant touch you!!

I have been paying on a judgement through the courts with Capital One credit cards every month for four years.  Over the weekend I received collection notice from NKG asking for payment on  credit cards  that I am already making payments on. I have now written a letter disputing this claim. So I have a feeling they buy these accounts and then try to get money from people. I am planning to call fdc to see what my next move is. My only income is SSI so I doubt they can garnish that.  I'm very annoyed because I am making an effort to pay these bills.


Don't pay these vipers a cent.  Ask them if they represent Capital One or if they purchased evidence of debt from Capital One.  I was a victim of this law firm, now I am going to get my revenge against them via a TCPA Complaint.  If they contact you via an autodialer on your phone keep a record.  Inform them via certified mail that you want them to validate the date not verify the debt.  There is plenty of case law to back you up.  Sue them first before they sue you.  Be proactive, don't wait they will come after you.  Strike first.....Check out www.whatliesinyourdebt.com

They froze my checking account wihtout prior notification. I set up arrangements and made payments. I received a bill from Cap One for the same debt. When I called Cap One to clarify it, i was told that there was no lawyer or agency collecting on my account. I explained the situation and was told they would look into it. I don't trust them

Capital One hires attorneys to sue.  Call Cap One to verify.  Sure you can keep DVing but they are likely to respond with a summons. 

Did you specifically ask for a card holder agreement?  Otherwise they HAVE validated the debt

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You can again send them a debt validation letter in writing via certified mail with a return receipt request. If they don’t give you a valid proof, then you can forward them a Cease and Desist letter. Don’t make any payments until you receive a proper debt validation letter from them.

Don't make a payment arrangement with them right now. This is not a proper validation letter. Send another request for validation.

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