I received a summons to appear in court. I replied

I received a summons to appear in court. I replied to the summons stating I understood the debt was legitament, but wanted to make payment arrangements. Law office called (its a hospital debt, $5000. So the hospitals attorney) saying that instead of going to court, they would set up payment arrangements. I offered $50/month. She told me she was going to fax over a consent to judgement form that I would need to sign to stop the pre-trial. She sent me the form, and it does not state the payment option but she said she would add it at a later date because their client (the hospital) was out of the office so she couldn't confirm the payment amount. I asked her, even though I am attempting to repay this debt, I am still going to have a judgement against me? She said that if I didn't appear in court, it would be a default judgement, and even if we did continue with the pretrial and the JUDGE agreed the $50/month was sufficient, I would still have a consent judgement against me. Is this true? The problem is, the court date is on Friday (12/2) and today is Wednesday (11/30). I know, nothing like waiting until last minute. I just planned on going to the court date, regardless, but have started a new job as of last week and am unable to take time off already. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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I did receive a summons, and also replied to that summons. The hospitals attorney contacted me indicating they were willing to set up payment arrangements to avoid pre trial.

You should definitely give a reply to the summons and also be present in the court in order to avoid ay kind of default judgment against you. If you can explain your situation, I hope the outcome will be positive.

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