I rec'd a letter from local Sheriffs Deputy, deman

I rec'd a letter from local Sheriffs Deputy, demanding payment in full for a gas credit card. The amount is 2700 now with interest. THe letter states execution writ of execution. It states the are going after my personal property and car regardless of liens or mortgages. I owe more on my car than it's worth and I rent my house. Would the come in and take my furniture? Are they tha low and sleezy?

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They are not low or sleazy. They just want the full payment. If judgment has really been issued against you, then it will be wise to make the full payment. They won't take your furniture though. 

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A writ of execution means you have a judgment against you.  Were you ever served a summons to appear in court?

Typically a sheriff or other similar official will take possession of property owned which will then be sold in a sheriff's sale.  Most commonly, they levy your bank account.  If you are a renter, you don't have to worry about them taking your house, obviously.  But, they can freeze the title until for your vehicle until the execution is satisfied.



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