I owe pay day lenders, had to close checking acco

I owe pay day lenders, had to close checking account, checks were not honered. I am declaring Bankruptsy can tghe get me for bad checks.

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You can include payday loans in bankruptcy. However, the lender can object to the loan's inclusion in bankruptcy. If the judge approves the objection, then the lender can still come after you for collecting the money.

No, they can't come after discharged debts through bankruptcy. Go for it and immediately start working on repairing your credit score as bankruptcy will ruin your credit score. Take all the necessary steps to boost it and make yourself creditworthy enough in the near future.

You can include the payday loans in your bankruptcy filing and get them discharged. Once they are discharged, the lender won't be able to come after you for the debts anymore.

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