I owe arn estimated $15,000.00 in loans and credit

I owe arn estimated $15,000.00 in loans and credit cards. How can I get help? I've tried to get help from my bank in the area but not having much luck.

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Give reply of those questions that has been asked by OhioGal1. Otherwise it’s not possible to give you any right suggestion.

Yes, and if you want to repay the entire balance, you can go for debt consolidation so that the interest rates on your loans are lowered and the monthly payments simplified.

You can enroll into a debt settlement program. Once you enroll into the program, the settlement company will negotiate with your creditors and reduce the outstanding balance. 

Are you behind?  How much are you currently paying monthly?  How's your credit?  Can you list out each of your creditors, what type of loan, balance, interest rate and how much you currently pay monthly?

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