I owe about 4,000 to one company, it could be high

I owe about 4,000 to one company, it could be higher now and the only settlement they will offer is about $3,000 and only 90 days to pay with very high payments. I refuse to give them electronic access to my back account to withdraw funds and will only pay by a check. They they suggested my wiring the money and I refused that. I am willing to send a check, however they refuse to send a settlement letter first confirming how much they will accept as a settlement, the terms and that it will be settled in full once it't been paid. They also refuse to accept lower payments without adding high late payment fees to drive the debt even higher. There is no way I am going to send them a partial payment without any confirmation ahead of time agreeing to the settlement. I feel helpless here. What are my options

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Don't pay a dime unless you get a written settlement agreement from them.

Please give reply of the questions that have been asked by my previous poster. Otherwise it would be difficult for us to guide you in the right way.

Who are you dealing with here? A bank, a collection agency, a payday lender? By the sound of it, its a collection agency. Which state are you in? Have youi asked for the debt to be validated and gone through your credit report to find out how much you owe and who do you owe it to? We need a little more information to help you out.

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