I owe a debt to a credit card company through a co

I owe a debt to a credit card company through a company I had started. I am also personally responsible for the debt. I received a debt collection letter from a law firm in Houston. I live in Utah. I requested a debt validation via letter. They returned a stack of credit card statements that belong to 2 or 3 other people/businesses. None of them were for my company or me personally. Consequently, they have not validated or verified the debt. What can I do with this mistake on their part?

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I agree with my previous posters. To write a debt validation letter and a Cease and Desist letter, you may visit the following link:

Yep…I agree with Nandy. You need not to make any payments until the debt is validated. You can again make a written request to them for a debt validation letter via certified mail with a return receipt request. This time also if they don’t give you any valid proof, then you can forward them a Cease and Desist letter. After that if they are still trying to contact with you, then file a complaint against them to the State Attorney General or FTC.

This is clearly not a validation letter. Check if this company has the license to operate in your state. Don't make any payments to this company till you are sure that the account is really with them. Contact your original creditor and find out if the account has been assigned to this law firm.

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