I live in Tennessee and Inquired and found a pdl o

I live in Tennessee and Inquired and found a pdl online for my mother as she requested, she receive's disability once a month, I probally shouldn't have but I thought it would help. can you check the status and registration on this lender (I found through BBB 42 unresolved closed complaints) so I fear she is getting ripped, PAYDAY-LOAN-YES.COM ,BORROWED 400.00 AND PAID (200.00) LAST MONTH sTILL OWES 600.00 HER REOCCURRING FEE (200.00) SHE IS UPSET HER HUSBAND IS ON THE ACCOUNT AS WELL BUT DOESN'T KNOW OF THE LOAN. SHE WANTS TO PAY THE AMOUNT BORROWED BUT NOT A REOCCURRING FEE, ARE THEY LEGALLY REGISTERED. (NOT WITH bbb ) LICENSED? AND CLOSING THE ACCOUNT (JOINT) SHE SAY'S WOULD CAUSE HER MONEY (DISABILITY CHECK) ISSUE'S BECAUSE OF THE LENGTH OF TIME TO SET IT UP! 'WISH IT WASN'T A JOINT ACCOUNT SHE DOESN'T WANT HIM TO BE UPSET WITH HER. EVEN THOUGH IT'S HER MONEY- 200.00 IN FEE'S IS TOO MUCH

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As Payday Loan Yes is illegal in your state, so your mother can get rid of the debt by paying them only the principal amount. Illegal lender won’t be able to take any legal action against you. Tell your mother to close her bank account asap so that the lender can’t debit money from her account in future. To know how to deal with illegal lenders, glance through the following link:

Payday Loan Yes is illegal in Tennessee. Your mother is only obligated to pay the principal amount. Nothing else.

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