I live in Maryland and I have 4 payday loans all i

I live in Maryland and I have 4 payday loans all in current, I have been paying them bi weekly they take away money almost all of my pay check.
Iam thinking of finding a good debt consolidation company, any suggestions? Iam new here in U.S I a, still starting to build a credit, bought a car but due to emergency I loaned money using payday loan online. Here are the list


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As payday lending is prohibited in the state of Maryland, so illegal payday lenders can’t take any legal action against you. The following link may help you to know about how to deal with illegal payday lenders:

You should always check the state payday loan laws before taking out a pdl loan. Anyway, as lending of pdls is illegal in Maryland, so you only need to pay back the principal amount to your lenders. If you have paid more than the principal amount, then ask your lenders to return the extra money to you. 

Payday lending is prohibited in the state of Maryland. Thus, none of the payday lenders are licensed to operate in your state. Rather than contacting the debt consolidation companies, it will be better if you could pay off the principal amount to the payday lenders and get rid of the debts. They won't be able to come after you in order to recover the fees or any other charges.

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