I haven't been served but I checked with my county

I haven't been served but I checked with my county clerk and I’m being sued by Frederick J. Hanna & Associates representing fia credit card. I have a personal credit card with Fia and it is up to date and current. This cc was a business credit card used exclusively for that business and the business closed. Fia contends that I personally guaranteed this credit card. I have no record of a personal guarantee but from what I hear, that was probably in the fine print somewhere.

What should I do next? The business has no assets and has been closed for over 2 years. I’m currently unemployed and don’t have the money to pay off this cc. What can I do to stall until I can get settled into a new job so I can make settlement payments? Has anybody dealt with this law firm? What % settlement should I be targeting?

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Contact Frederick J. Hanna & Associates and inform them that you want to settle the debt out of court. Request them to give you some time.  As you are unemployed, it will be very difficult for to settle the account. Find a job mate.  From next time, make sure you read the fine print section of the contract. 

It’s very difficult to say at what percentage they will settle. It depends on their discretion and your negotiating power whether or not they will agree with you for settlement. I haven’t personally dealt with this law firm. I think the following link may help you in this regard:

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