I have two payday loans both from the internet. On

I have two payday loans both from the internet. One I started, and one I don't know where it came from (money just appeared in my bank account). The first one is out of state...Delaware....I'm in Oklahoma. The second one upon further investigation is out of country(New Zealand of all places). The first one states that according to them the loan happened in Delaware...lol. I paid off one loan to them (500, it was more than that), and now owe on a 800$ loan. The other one, I had no way to cancel (no phone number) for 2 weeks, no email address, no address, and no plan/paperwork for 5 weeks. I am way over my head in debt, and can't pay too much more, and don't know what to do. I looked and they aren't licensed in OK.

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