I have two department store debts that I want to p

I have two department store debts that I want to pay off to the collection agency. If I make payment on the phone with my credit card, please tell me the debtors wont be able to use it to pull more money out of my checking account.

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I would not suggest you to make payment on the phone. It is too much risk. They may tell that you haven't made any payment at all. What will you do then? 

Can you please be more clear on with whom you actually have the debt? If it is with the creditor, talk to them and get the payment agreement. If it is the collection agency, first try validating the debt and then start the payments. If the debt is with the collection agency, the creditor won't be able to withdraw money from your account. They are not supposed and that is not legal. Still, if you fear losing money, you can close down your account and open a new one.

You should first ask the collection agency to validate the debt. Unless they validate the debt, don't make any kind of payments to them. If you use a credit card to make the required payments, then there are high chances that they may use the credit card information in order to debit further money from your account.

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