I have received a collection letter a couple of ye

I have received a collection letter a couple of years ago stating i owed a debt. I wrote on said collection letter for them to prove it and have received nothing. I just received another letter just like the original. The original debt collector is one of the current usable cards in my wallet. I did have a account between 98-03 which i'm pretty sure i paid off. So what I dont understand is how I could possibly get a bill now? why would anyone give you a new account if you owed them money and not contact you directly. also this old account isnt on my credit report.

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amy of course means reply to the DV letter as if they communicate after the cease and desist they can be sued.

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Yes, it seems that they're trying to scam you. Also do what Peter has said and then take steps to deal with the collection agency. Wait patiently for their reply to the Cease and Desist letter.

My previous poster is right. Send them a debt validation letter in writing. If they don’t give any reply, then forward them a Cease and Desist letter. Look at this page to know, how to write a debt validation request letter: http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/letters/sample6.html

Send the collection agency a debt validation letter. It should help you find out if the debt is actually real or are these people just trying to scam you.

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