I have poor credit but with a consolidation loan i

I have poor credit but with a consolidation loan it would help to pay the creditor. How can someone with poor credit get a loan??

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It’s very difficult to get a loan with poor credit score. You may get help from your family members and friends. I hope they will help you to repay your creditor.

In case you're earning and can contribute towards a repayment plan, you may seek help from professional debt relief service. You just need to share your current financial standing with the credit counselor. Once he achieves a true view of your current obligations, he'll be able to suggest the right repayment plan for you.

Most of the lenders have stopped giving out the consolidation loans to the consumers with poor credit score. They don't want to take risk. Even if you get a loan, you'll be charged a very high interest rate on the loan. You may qualify for loan by pledging collateral against it. You can try for debt settlement program instead.

No dear, no lender will lend you a debt consolidation loan with poor credit. If you can drastically repair your score before getting the loan, then you may get one however the interest rates may not be as reasonable as you may think. You better rush to a non-profit credit counseling agencies where a professional credit counselor can assist you in climbing out of debt.

You will not qualify for a loan....lenders are not lending to individuals with poor credit.  Look at a debt management program or visit a local office of consumer credit councelling service.

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