I have over the last year fallen behind on my fina

I have over the last year fallen behind on my financial obligations and am beginning to feel overwhelmed. My total debt is probably less than 15,000, I am self employed, single and live in with family. Collectors call constantly and I just cannot seem to get a handle on where to start. I really do not have any assets to speak of but will be getting a relatively good inheritance shortly. Any advice on where I can start to handle this situation?

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Demand a debt validation so that you can stay sure that the account that they're calling you for is actually yours. If you owe the money, you should get help from a consolidation company so that you can easily repay them without having to fall back on your other obligations.

You told that you'll be getting inheritance shortly. You can use this money to pay off your debts. By the way, have you asked the collectors to validate the debt?

At first you may contact with your creditors and try to negotiate with them. If possible set up a payment arrangement with them. You may also get help from your friends or relatives.

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