I have one credit card that collection keeps calli

I have one credit card that collection keeps calling me about which has a balance of 8,600. No matter if i make a payment its not going no way and I can seem to get anywhere. can you use a consolidation work on only one card?

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All the above posters are right. Try to consolidate your debts on your own. Look at this page to know how to do it on your own: http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/diy/#debt-consolidation

I agree with the above posters have said. You can definitely consolidate 1 credit card. i would suggest you to consolidate the card on your own. There is no point of wasting money on the debt consolidation companies. 

Yes, you can consolidate the single credit card. Try doing it of your own just as Amy has suggested and this may help you become debt free easily enough without you having to pay extra money to third party professionals.

Of course you can consolidate your debt in a single monthly payment. But consolidating your debts on your own would help you save money in the long run. However, if you want a professional to negotiate with your collection agents, you can get help from a professional debt consolidation company.

Yes, you can consolidate only one credit card. You can do it on your own by negotiating with the creditor or you can even contact a debt relief company who will negotiate with the creditor and help you consolidate the debt.

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