I have not paid my mortgage for 2 years. Recently,

I have not paid my mortgage for 2 years. Recently, the creditor sent my case to debt collect company. It has been there for 2 year without starting the foreclosure. I guess the creditor (bank) does not want to take my investment property in Folorida. Now, I want to find a debet settlement company to work out a paid in full plan in one payment. Do you know who accept my mortgage debet case (this is not credit card debet) and have good reputation.

I take one debet settlement company but they have to charge in front of service about 105 of my mortgage debet and break it to 4 payment per month. I want to find someone who charge the service fee but will return at 50% of service fee if the creditor/ debt collect agecy doesn't want to negotiate with them. It means the settlement actally fail in the end.

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I have a vacation home in florida.  I was in a financial bind two years ago and couldn't make my payment.  Haven't made a payment in over two years and no one has done anything, the lender.  I have tried to work something out over and over at no avail.  I could have been making  at lleast half of the mortgage this whole time, but the lender wasn't interested in that type of settlement.  My question is - may I keep my house and start making payment in full without paying any of the last two years missed payments.  Or refinance the remaining amount due?  Help

Debt settlement don't settle mortgage debts. I haven't heard about any settlement company which returns around 50% of the service fee. You'll have to settle your debts on your own. 

Nobody is going to take a secured loan....do will have to do it yourself.

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OH AND NH have very restrictive low cost interest rate laws.

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