I have gotten calls from collectors that are someh

I have gotten calls from collectors that are somehow using my friends and relatives phone #s. I answered one call believed to be my mother and it was a collector using her #! Is this legal and how is it done?

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I haven't heard anything like this before. What is the name of the collection agency? Why are they calling you? Ask them how they are calling you using your friends' and relatives' phone number? You can report the matter to the local police station. You may also inform the matter to the phone company. I don't think this is legal.

It is quite surprising that they are using your mother's number or your friend's number in order to call you regarding the debts. It is difficult to say how they are doing so. Nevertheless, I will suggest you to file a police complaint against them. You can also report them to the FTC as well as to your State Attorney General's office.

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