I have been reading and doing research on the Debt

I have been reading and doing research on the Debt Settlement company Percels & Assoc....I signed up with them yesterday......I will no longer have any income after Jan 1 2012......do you have any advise as to cancel this or go forward with Percels & Assoc......all my debt is unsec debt I am 59 yrs old and probably won't find another job....I have been displaced.....I am now running about 30 days behind on some of my cc debt....

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I hope you may get some useful information about the company from the following link:

You can cancel your agreement with Percels. It is best to settle your cc debt on your own. Contact your creditors and take steps to settle debts yourself. Check out the steps to settle debt from this page:


You can get a job at this age also. So, don't lose hope.

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