I have been having a issue with frederick hanna.th

I have been having a issue with frederick hanna.they sent a garnishment notice and we were told they were going to start garnishing .I sent a payment of the balance due after the 1st garnishment never got dismissed I called them approximately 2 weeks before someone talked to me.They told me we had to send them the rest of the money or they wouldnt dismiss.I asked the woman how much was due she told me 204 was due I asked when they would dismiss after that.She said the same day.I sent it to them on the 12th and they received the money order on the 15th.I called back yesterday as was told now they wont dismiss because i owe51.04 i asked what it was for they said interest.I dont know how i can now owe interest on an account that is paid in full.I have been getting the runaround from everyone and in the meantime we are now out over 700 dollars in garnishment on a bill that is paid in full.I dont know what to do they seem to have the upper hand and can do what they want

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Your situation is very complicated. You should immediately consult with an attorney in this regard and take advice from him/her.

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