I have become permanently disabled my only income

I have become permanently disabled my only income is SSD. I have been behind on payments so now I cant even afford what the credit card company's are asking for but also it will not make any difference with a monthly payment it will all go to interest so I am not getting anywere.I would like to just settle the accounts but I have also lost trac of how I owe.Were can I turn for help with A company that can help me get things together and that I can trust.

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You must know that when you're on SSDI, then your creditors are aware that they may not achieve anything and may simply charge off your debt.
Once the debt is sold off to a collection agency, you may certainly make a much lower settlement offer. CAs will probably accept such offers as they buy these debts for pennies-on-the-dollar.

You should contact a debt relief company and take their help in negotiating with your credit card companies and settle your debts.

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