I have an unpaid judgement on my account (it was f

I have an unpaid judgement on my account (it was for an eviction), I am trying to settle this debt, but am unsure who to pay. I have printed my credit report off of annualcreditreport.com and it does not say who to pay it to. I have done research and generally a judgement will be collected by garnishing wages or a lien, all of which have not happened to me. Should I contact the company that I rented from? I am just worried I will pay them and this will not correct the judgement. Thanks!

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If you're trying to settle a debt with your creditor, try to achieve a pay-for-delete settlement. A settlement will take a hit on your credit score initially, but will gradually improve with time.

You can settle a judgment, but it’s pretty difficult. You can contact with the original creditor and negotiate with him/her. You can give him/her a suitable offer. If the creditor accepts your offer, then he/she can agree to settle the debt. However, always keep in mind that settlement hurts your credit score adversely.


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