I have an internet payday loan out that is behind.

I have an internet payday loan out that is behind. A company named ezpayday has contacted me threatening with all kinds of legal issues if I do not repay. They are out of California. I have asked several times through email who the company is because I have not done business with ezpayday before. They have stated they are a collection service but still haven't given me the name of the payday loan company that was the originator of the loan. What should I do. They have threatened legal issues as well as contacting my employer.

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I am in the State of Florida.  what is a DV letter?

From what I can tell, this EZPayday PDL is an illegal lender. Which state are you in?

I completely agree with Nelly. Ask them to validate the debt in writing. If they don’t give any reply, then send them a Cease and Desist letter.

Send a DV letter to the collection agency. Don't pay any money to them.

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