I have an ailing father who is in the final stages

I have an ailing father who is in the final stages of congestive heart failure. He has three credit cards totaling about 5K in unsecured debt. He has no liquid assets and his only income is social security. We are working to liquidate assets such as his house, car and an old boat. He is currently seven months behind on his mortgage and we are working with the his lender in mediation to work out a solution for that. He is currently in a rehab facility just coming from a hospital stay. Once he is no longer eligible for rehab paid for by medicare I will have to move him to an assisted living facility where we are trying to get medicad funding to pay that expense. They are requiring he liquidate his assets before they can provide assistance so any proceeds he receives as a result of the sale of property will have to go to assisted living care and a pre-paid burial.

My question is can I write a letter to his creditors indicating his current health and tell them they can no longer expect any further payment? If so do you have a form letter fo this type of thing?

Thanks. for your time.

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Yes, you can contact your father's creditors and explain the present situation to them. They may offer an affordable payment plan to your father. You can send the following letter to request them for an alternative repayment plan:


You can also check out the following url to know about the mailing guidelines for contacting creditors:




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