I have $7,000 of credit card debt. It was a credit

I have $7,000 of credit card debt. It was a credit card connected to my debit card, so for a long time it was serving as overdraft protection without me realizing exactly how it worked. So now, every time I make a payment, I'm hit with a $200 (at least) overdraft interest charge. I'm not even making a dent in it and I've been making payments for over a year. What should I do? I've been told maybe taking out a personal loan to pay it off would be better. Others say just speak to someone at Chase, but I've tried that twice and they're simply not helpful. I don't want to do anything that will hurt my credit score. I make $35k a year so I SHOULD be able to pay it off but these overdraft interest charges on top of the regular interest is SO daunting.

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Go to a reputed credit counselor and explain the situation to him. He can tell you how to handle the situation. It will be better to pay it off asap. 

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