I have 4 cards with one vendor (Platinum, gold, et

I have 4 cards with one vendor (Platinum, gold, etc.)can I approach them into a debt consolidation plan with me. I can't pay these however I do not want to file bankruptcy either. I hope to get these paid and maybe restore my name, but I can't with the rates they are charging or should I go for debt cosolidation program?

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Yep...you may try to negotiate with your creditors and consolidate your debts on your own. If it seems difficult to negotiate yourself, then you may enroll in a payday loan debt consolidation program. This program will help you to replace your multiple bills into a single monthly payment.

You can negotiate with your creditors and tell them to arrange a debt settlement plan for you where a portion of your outstanding balance would be waived off by your creditors and you would just require paying back the rest of the amount.

You can enroll into a debt consolidation program definitely. However, you can also go for balance transfer method. Here, you can transfer all your balances from high interest cards to a card with low interest rate. Thereafter, you only have to make a low single monthly payment on the card. Just make sure you pay off the balance within the introductory period. 

You can contact your creditor and negotiate for a debt conolidation program with them mentioning your financial hardship. If the creditor is convinced about your financial harship, you will find that he is ready to consolidate the 4 cards. This will help you in paying off the debts in an affordable manner. You may even contact a debt relief company and take their help in consolidating your 4 cards.

Who is the lender and how much do you owe???

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OH AND NH have very restrictive low cost interest rate laws.

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