I had one payment left on a car loan from triad fi

I had one payment left on a car loan from triad financial which we were behind on. That was in 2008 we called in 2008 and they said just pay 1/2 100 dollars and we'll call it paid. Of course nothing in writing. now 3 years later I check my credit report and it shows a chargeoff, which will make it impossible to get a car loan, Can I get them to take the 100 dollars and have them change it to paid in full, or just leave it. what's the best solution

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I agree with Anna. If the collection agency agrees to settle the debt with you, then you can make a written request to them to update your account status after repaying the debt.

The debt has been charged off and there are chances that it has been assigned to a collection agency. Now, you need to contact the collection agency and settle the debt with them. It will be the discretion of the collection agency whether or not they will settle the debt for $100.

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