I had a business, that unfortunately failed, built

I had a business, that unfortunately failed, built up alot of debt and the biggest one, AMEX, 35k was sold i guess to URS....1. Can i stop paying them and pray the don't sue 2. if i stop paying can they report me to credit bureau? I ask that because they are not on my credit report and i have been paying for almost 2 yrs now.

3. any other suggestions, ie make a ridiculous offer via certified mail as they don't seem to be willing to negotiate . Meanwhile everyone else has negotiated with me.

Thanks for any input.

PS how am i suppose to answer the security question with a sum? LOL

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Thanks as it seems that URS is unwilling to negotiate.....Everyone else i started off at 20-25% and worked my way up to no higher than 50%.


Is URS traditionally one of the harder companies to deal with?


I can actually get a debt consultant to negotiate for me?

If you stop making payments, then you are most likely to be sued. They can report the delinquent account to the credit bureaus. You can get help from a debt relief company to pay off your business debt. They debt consultants can negotiate with them in a better way.

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