I got the new settlement of my medical bills and i

I got the new settlement of my medical bills and i got married 4 months ago and i have been concerning about my husband credit score including mine too. Do you have any sample of the letter to ask the medical providers and collection agency to note in the credit report that "paid in full." but i'm not sure they will give me a flavor to do that or you have any advice..I got the fax note from the medical provider that he will decrease debt for me and will contact the collection agency for me after he get paid...

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Search in the Internet. You can easily get a PIF sample letter from the various websites.   

GTo ahead and take the offer. You will be offered a settlement amount and the creditor will co-ordinate with the collecting agency and have your records setteled. The credit report should show the debt as either 'paid in full' or 'settled'

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