I got a call todday from Richard Boudrecau compy a

I got a call todday from Richard Boudrecau compy and iwas told they can take me to court for a past critie card bill if not pay right now I'm 23 and I did not know about this web site and I was not given time to get my dad on the phone and ask him so I worte a check over the phone for $721.00 that they said will pay off all the past bill on the card. I them call my dad and he told me to stop the payment right now is that right. I was so skared about going to court that I said a did anything they said to get them off the phone. please help me

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It may be a scare tactic to make money out of inncocent consumers. You should not have made the payment via phone. There is no gurantee that they will pay off the bill. You don't have any written agreement also. They can again call you and ask for the payment. I hope this does not happen to you. It is not so easy to take you to the court. A lawsuit has to be filed against you first. Get more information on the company from the following url:




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