I feel like I am not getting ahead in any of my cr

I feel like I am not getting ahead in any of my credit card debt. I have no problem paying what I have spent, I just dont feel that I will ever be paid off. Would debt consolidation be a good choice for me?

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You can enroll into a debt consolidation program if you are finding it difficult to tackle the credit card debt. Go through the following page to know how debt consolidation program can help you regarding this issue.


You may also consult a reputed credit counselor. He/she can tell you how you can handle credit card debts efficiently.

Yes, you need to give us more details on the debts that you have. Still, I can at least tell you that if you have high debt amount, you can go in for settlement. However, if you have too many debts with high interest rates, you can opt to consolidate the debts. With settlement, the outstanding debt amount is going to lower. With consolidation, the number of debts gets reduced to one and the interest rate lowers too.

If the amount is too huge, yes debt consolidation can be a good option for you. However, we need to know the exact amount that you owe them so that we can guide you about which debt relief option suits your present financial condition.

We need more information...how much do you owe and to who?

Debt consolidation will tank your scores significatntly.

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