I don't know how to go about a threat from Brown M

I don't know how to go about a threat from Brown Myer & Associates a so-called "debt collector" that sounds like an "investigator." He called to say through the number 8132611150. He said he has my background check with him and have written bad checks from state to state and threatened to take me to court. I called him back & refused to send me a letter on this matter. He wants me to make payment through phone & wants to write to me through my email. He threatened to take me to court. what should I do.

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if he is callin u and threatened u that he will drag u to the court just ask him the exact date and the exact amount u have taken from them.if he is able to provide u with that jst check it with ur bank but if he cannot give you the details then it can be a scam.


                                                                                                     justin peter


True, send him a debt validation letter. The next time he calls tell him that since now on you'd like to communicate via a certified mail (return receipt requested). Don't get scared about that court thing, even if you owe the money he can't put you to jail for not being able to pay - it is a civil offense and not a criminal one. But yes, if you actually owe it, you'll either need to settle it with him or hire a debt relief service to assist you in this regard.

You should ask the debt collector to validate your debt. If he is able to validate the debt, it would mean that he really owns your debt. Unless he validates the debt, you won't be liable for paying him anything. Just send him a cease and desist letter and ask him to stop contacting you.

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