I bought a new house 2 years ago which almost doub

I bought a new house 2 years ago which almost doubled my previous mortgage payment. Prior to purchasing the house I took out a signature loan for $20k to consolidate debt. I incurred an additional $25k in debt since then via credit cards to furnish the house. I estimate that including the personal loan and credit card payments I'm paying over $1000/mo just on credit payments. I need to reduce this amount to make it more manageable. I can afford my minimum payments, but it's tight. Is there a consolidation option for me as I have good credit?

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You can enroll into a debt management program to pay off the unsecured debts. This program may make your debts more managable. 

Take out a debt consolidation loan as you say that you have a good credit score. Use the master loan to combine all your debts and repay the entire debt in small and affordable monthly payments.

You can contact the local debt relief companies and apply for debt consolidation program in order to get rid of the debts. The local debt relief companies will negotiate with your creditors and give you an affordable payment plan so that it becomes easier for you to pay off the debts.

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