I am wondering if cash in a wink is legal in Conne

I am wondering if cash in a wink is legal in Connecitcut. I took out a loan for $400 and they keep trying to make me pay back an insane finance charge every month. They are also harassing me on my phone.

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All of my previous posters are right. As payday lending is prohibited in Connecticut so none of the payday lenders in your state are legal. Close your bank account asap so that they can’t debit money from your account in future. Illegal lenders won’t be able to take any legal action against you. You can get rid of the debt by paying them only the principal amount. If you have any complaints against the lender, then contact with the Connecticut Department of Banking. Their contact detail is as follows:
# Address - 260 Constitution Plaza Hartford CT 06103
# Phone - (860) 240-8299
# Fax - (860) 240-8167

To know how to deal with illegal lenders, glance through the following link:

Payday lending is illegal in Connecticut so you owe them only the principal amount. As they are harassing you over the phone, you will have to try and avoid this by filing complaints with the State's Attorney General and the FTC or the Federal Trade Commission.

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Don't take resort to pdls unless you're going through an urgent need... The interest rates are outrageously high and they will charge you sky high finance charges whenever you fall back on the payments. As payday loans are illegal in Connecticut, you owe them nothing but the principal amount. If you've repaid more than this, ask for a refund.

Lending of pdls is illegal in Connecticut. You only owe the principal amount mate. Ask for a refund if you have paid more than the principal amount.

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