I am trying to help my sist.n'law, to pay off some

I am trying to help my sist.n'law, to pay off some bills. She is retired with a pretty good income, but she is out of control in debt. I thought I could use a calculator site to tell me how to move things around in paying off some credit cards, but leave her with enough money for say : groceries, gas, medicine, etc.

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You may look at this page to select a debt relief company:

You can click on the following url to get a list of debt calculators. You can use them as per your convinience:


if she has a good income, I would suggest contacting a debt consolidation company that works with credit card companies to lower interest rates and they negotiate for you. This company typically chargtes about $25 for theiir help and is considered a non profit agency. I worked with one the only thing we could not lower was car loans and mortgage. 



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