I am three months behind on my payments to my cred

I am three months behind on my payments to my credit cards. At what point did you start settlement negotiations? I'm hoping to deal with them directly instead of going thru a settlement plan. My family is willing to help me out. Thank You

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Yeah Nysa is right. DIY is the best. But if it’s not possible to settle debts on your own, then it’s better to take help from a reliable debt settlement company. To choose a reliable debt relief company, you will have to consider many things, such as- company profile, reputation, accreditation, fees and cost, client testimonial etc. Look at this page:

Talk to the creditors about the problem you are facing in making the payments on your credit cards. You will have to prove that you are low on affordability. In this way you can try settling the credit card debts of your own.

Yes, DIY settlement is the best. Try to settle your debts on your own. Have you saved some amount in your bank? You'll be needing this money to settle the debt. Contact your creditors and start negotiating with them. 

Find out how to settle debts on your own from this page: 




Yes, I agree with Knight! When you're tired of making multiple payments to multiple creditors and when you can't split payments among multiple creditors, you should think of settling your debts. Do your homework before you directly proceed to settle your debts with your creditors.

As you're already 3 months behind on your payments, you should try to settle your debts. You can contact the local debt settlement companies and take their help in negotiating with your credit card companies to settle the debts. You can even contact the credit card companies on your own provided you have good negotiation skills and ample patience.

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