I am paying my bill on time but it just the minimu

I am paying my bill on time but it just the minimum I have 10 different cards I want one monthly payment and to pay the least in fees and other charges.

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Balance transfer is a good option for you. However, make sure you pay off the balance within the introductory period. Otherwise, you may get into the debt hell.

The only option here is debt consolidation. However, you may even enroll yourself in a credit counseling agency so that you can repay your debts through a debt management program. THe DMP works in a way that is simialr to debt consolidation.

It would be best for you to get the credit cards consolidated. You can try balance transfer. That is, if you have a credit card that has the lowest interest rate in comparison to the other credit cards that you have, transfer the balance from all of the other credit cards to this one. This helps in rolling over all of the debts as a single debt and helps in lowering the interest rate too.

Yes,I agree with Benn. By enrolling with a debt consolidation program, you will be able to pay off  your several bills in the most convenient manner.

You may enroll in a debt consolidation program to replace your multiple bills into a single monthly payment. You will get a low interest rate in this program.

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