I am in California and I have 3 payday cash advanc

I am in California and I have 3 payday cash advance loans from usfast cash, advantage cash services and titan group or midland companies. I have direct deposit and am overdrawn right now. I have read the forums, but stress from not having a paycheck in 3 weeks and not sleeping well has me confused about what I should do first. Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you are in a financial crisis and can’t repay the debt in full, then you may negotiate with your lenders. You may try to settle the debts on your own. Otherwise, you may get help from a trustworthy payday loan debt settlement company. The following link may help you in this regard:

Payday loans are legal in California. You need to contact the California Department of Corporations in order to find out whether or not your payday lenders are licensed to operate in your state. If not, then you can pay them the principal balance and get rid of the debts. If they are licensed, then you will be liable for paying the debts in full. In such a situation, the option of payday loan consolidation can be a good choice. You can contact the local debt relief companies and take their help in this regard.

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