I am dealing with a Law firm collecting on behalf

I am dealing with a Law firm collecting on behalf of Cap One. I am trying to negotiate a settlement in writing and have been sending $50 a month to show some good faith along with letters stating my offer. These checks clear my bank except for one that they sent back to me stating that 'this amount is not the required amount for payment on this account." But why would they have deposited the other two checks of the same amount for the same account? Are they liable to the settlement terms by cashing these checks in the first place?

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Thanks for the advice.  I am writing instead of calling to find out why this happened as I am more comfortable this way.  Should I copy in the original creditor of my letter that I am sending this CA law firm?  Should I be sending a copy of te letter to credit bureaus as well?

They do not have to agree to your settlement terms by cashing your checks. I have a feeling, though, that the third check was either returned to you in error, or was returned due to the fact that they accepted your settlement, and the check was not for the settlement amount. Give them a call to find out - it could put your mind at ease a great deal.

Best of luck to you!

Marie Megge


They will not negotiate via the mail.  They can cash your check but they have have not accepted your settlement..that is their choice.


if you want to settle, call them and negotiate.  Once you agree to terms, have them fax you a settlement agreement.

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