I am being sued by Capital one. I admitted in my

I am being sued by Capital one. I admitted in my court response that I owed capital one money but not the amount they are suing me for . Also in my response I said I tried to work with them but they would not work with me. As my husband and I are having financial hardship. Well the case went to a pretrial and cap one would only settle for 200 dollars less than what they are suing me for. So the case is going to trial on Oct 3rd. At the pretrial I asked to see the original credit agreement and the judge asked that the plaintiff to send it within 60 days. I received a credit agreement printed in 2010. I have had this account since 1999 and can prove it with my credit report. Also cap one was supposed to supply all the statements of my account but some months are missing. also years 1999 thru 2004 statements are not there and in that time I had paid that card off once. Also I cannot find out who owns the debt. I call cap one customer service and I put in the account # and some attorneys' center answers. Also Cap one lawyers have filed a motion for summary disposition that I received last week to appear on Sept 19th. Help! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Cap One still owns it....but because you are in collections with a law firm, they will not discuss it with you.  You need to go thru the attorney.

You balance is going to be significantly higher...insterest and late fees have continued to accrue and be capitalized.  Plus you are charged the cost of collections....the court and legal fees.  Those alone can increase your balance  by on average of $1000.  Look up the court case online....you might be able to see what the filing fees were.  Plus trial costs.

You proving you have had the account since 1999 in suicide...you are admitting to the debt.

You are going to have a hard time getting out of this with years of statements that you paid on. You are better off going for a hardship constingency judgment....cause they are going to get it.


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