How would you suggest handling a counter offer to

How would you suggest handling a counter offer to a Storage unit issue. I am $850.00 past due. My husband lost his job and he has not been working for the last 2 years and I conveyed this in writing to them. I offered to pay $389.50 which was half of what they had originally said I owed. If I pay this, it will leave a past due balance of $460.50. The monthly rent is $59.00. They want $76.75 (x6) for the past due balance amount plus the $59.00 monthly amount. $135.75(x6) for two months and they will give me back access to my storage unit; however I just want to get my stuff out and not continue the monthly payments. I want to eradicate this bill but really can't afford to continue the payments. What do you suggest. Thanks.

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The fact is that as you owe this, you will be required to pay this off. I think you will be required to talk to them over the phone regarding your problem and try and settle the debts. If this does not work out well, get financial help from your relatives.

Try to settle your debts on your own. You need not to hire a debt relief company because it is a waste of money. Look at this page to know how to do it yourself: . But it depends on their discretion whether or not to agree for settlement.

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