How to find out if a debt settlement I signed up with is legitimate if not on BBB?

I signed up with a debt settlement company named Davenport Law base in Texas, so how do I know that this company will take care of my debt if not listed on BBB?

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Yes, I agree with the above posters. You cannot actually determine by a certain way if a debt settlement company is legitimate. However, if this company is asking for any upfront fees, they might not be legal.

There is no sure shot way to know that the settlement company will take care of your debt. If the company is not listed on BBB, then it might not be a good company. 

I too agree with Amy. Look at this page to know how to settle your debts on your own:

You will have to consider some aspect before selecting a debt settlement company, such as- company profile, reputation, tenure, accreditation, fee and structure, client testimonials etc.

Yes I too agree with OhioGal. Try to settle your debts on your own as self help is always the best help and you can save your dollars on the extra fees and service charges.

You don't.  You should do your research prior to signing up.  If you're uneasy, I would take a look at your contract and find out the steps you need to take to get out of it.  You can settle your debts on your own without "signing up" or paying any fees.

How to Deal with Unlicensed/Illegal Payday Lenders - Step by Step Instructions

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