How do I find a good debt settlement/law firm? I h

How do I find a good debt settlement/law firm? I have settled numerous credit cards on my own previously and paid for them. I have 3 cards left and I know the amounts they are willing to settle for, but I am out of money. I am worried they are going to eventually come and detach my wages. Do the debt settlement companies stop that from happening and do they stop the collection calls?

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a lot of banks will not negotiate with settlement companies.. i know discover will not.....

i say do it yourself....if you have to, get on the hardship program with one or two of them.. work to settle one of them, as they will give up to 3 months (some longer) to pay out the settlement...i would work to settle the largest one first...

To choose a good debt settlement company, I hope the following link may help you in this regard:

Yes, I agree with Soap Lady! Debt settlement companies will not be able to stop any legal action that is being taken against you. Before choosing a debt settlement company, make sure it is of good repute and is accredited by the BBB. Check the website of the company and go through the consumer feedbacks. If the settlement company makes regular payments to your creditors, you may receive fewer collection calls but they can't assure you about no collection calls. Make timely payments to the company so that you may get debt free sooner.

A debt settlement firm cannot stop legal action from happening...and they will not represent you when it happens.

Have you been sued yet???

You can stop the collection calls with cease and desist letters...



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