How can I withdraw my name as second card holder?

I am the second credit card holder. I want to take off my name as the second card holder. How can I do it without affecting my credit? The first account holder is not managing the card well. I don’t use the card. Therefore, I don’t want to be responsible for the payment.

3 Answers

Go through the credit card agreement once and find out if you are the joint account holder or the co-signer. If you are the joint account holder, then the credit card company will not permit you to take away your name. If you think that the card can't be managed well, then you may close the account.

If you are the authorized user, then you are not financially responsible for the unpaid credit balance. In such a situation, you may request the credit card issuer to take away your name.

Yes, you can only remove it if you aren't a cosignor. See, being a cosignor, you may have already agreed to become responsible for what is owed on this card. So, you can't remove your name now unless you get it all paid.

If you are joint holder or cosignor, then you cannot remove your name.  You as a legally responsible for the payments as the primary holder.

If you are an authorized user, then you CAN have your name removed.

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