How can I proceed?

I have some credit card debts and some medical bills which I couldn’t payoff because of my poor financial condition. Now I want to pay it off according to my capacity. I don’t have sufficient money to hire a debt relief company. So I have decided to do it myself. How can I proceed?

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It is good tha you have decided to pay off the debts on your own. It will help you save the fees charged by the debt relief companies. You may check out the following page to know how to settle debts yourself:


Your first step is to track down these accounts. If you haven't recently received correspondence from your creditors, I suggest getting a copy of your credit report to determine where each account is.

This can be extremely time-consuming, so be sure that set aside enough time to do so. Just yesterday we completed this task for nine very old accounts, and it took two hours. Reason being, if you call the collector appearing on your credit report, there's a good chance that they'll tell you that the account has been sold. Then, they'll give you the telephone number of the purchaser, who will likely direct you to a different company. Don't get frustrated - just expect this.

After you determine where your accounts are, you can simply start negotiating, based on what funds you have available. If you have to settle one account at a time, so be it - the important thing is that you'll be eliminating this debt and restoring your credit.

Good luck!

All of these debts are 3 years old. I live in California. The date of my last payment was 6/8/2008. Thanks for your reply.

How old are these?  What state do you live in and when was the date of your last payment?

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