How can I get back money from the debt relief company?

I have enrolled into a debt settlement program in 2010. I was able to settle a debt with the help of that company. The settlement company couldn’t settle the other debts. The company didn’t return the money also. I have tried contacting them several times. They haven’t responded. I have reported the matter to State Attorney General. So far, no step has been taken. Please tell me what should I do in this situation?

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Getting back money from a debt relief company is not possible. However, you may be required to sue them if you really want to get back the money.

You could sue them.  That's really your only recourse.

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6 months have already passed. What should I do? Please help.

Since you say that you've already reported to the SAG and no steps have been taken, I guess you have to wait for the right time. How many days have passed since you reported this to the SAG?

It’s always better to settle debts on your own. You can again inform this matter to the SAG or FTC. You may also take help from an attorney in this regard. Look at this page to know how to settle debts on your own:

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