How can I deal with Amex?

I have enrolled into a debt settlement program 1 year back. So far, I have paid back 4 debts, which is great. I am only struggling with BofA. They have rejected all the proposals made by the settlement company. Now, they are suing me. Is it too late to contact them? How should I deal with them? I really want to pay the money. I only want them to reduce the pay off amount/interest rate little bit. Any suggestions.

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Which law firm is suing you? Is the account still owned by BofA, or has it been sold? Please answer these questions so that I can properly direct you. Shame on this settlement company - Bank of America is one of the best creditors with which to work, so I find it difficult to believe that they didn't make this account a top priority. But then again, Bank of America did recently go through some changes, which put them on the back burner; perhaps it was during this time that your settlement company decided to wait it out.

Also, why isn't the settlement company helping you with this lawsuit? They should be informing you what steps to take, and negotiating with the law firm on your behalf. Hope you didn't pay any up front fees.

You can contact them now. Contact them and try to settle the debt out of court. Inform them that you really want to pay off the debt. Tell them that you are interested in working out a payment plan with them. However, it will be the creditor's discretion to accept or reject your proposal mate.

BofA. Sorry, I wrote the wrong name by mistake. Can you tell me what should I do Soaplady?

AMEX or BofA????.....I am confused.....

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