How can I clear up my credit?

How can I clear up my credit? I owe doctor bills, back rent, light bills, and water bills. How can I get out of debt with the income I have for a family of four. We have one income in the whole house.

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First of all let me say that you have a really hard situation that anyone should be able to identify with and allow you a little leeway on debt repayment. Two sites that you may find useful: and

It is very difficult to manage a family within a single income. No doubt, you're facing a problem in paying your bills. Why don't you ask an adult family member to start working. He/she can at least work part-time. This will help you repay the bills.

You may try to settle your debts on your own. It will help you to save your money. Look at this page to know the steps about how to do it yourself:

I don't think you should be worrying about your credit score right now given the number of bills that you have to take care of along with your family. If the debt is substantial, talk to a bankruptcy attorney.

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