Hi! Thank you for reading my question. I've had a

Hi! Thank you for reading my question. I've had a cc debt from years ago. After I defaulted (because I took ONE payday loan because of two weddings I had to go to screwed me up forever) they eventually sold it to CACH, LLC. I have cancer and after one of my first treatments years back I felt like I needed to just fix it all. I picked up the phone and agreed for this company to withdrawal almost 500 dollars a month from my account. I guess that was a mistake. I know about the 4 yr rule. I'm in P.A.

So they did sue me and I received papers taped to my front door with paperwork to complete, with my bank account info, any cars, homes, etc. I. completed and sent back. Made copies of it all. Then in August of 2010 I got a "Praecipe for Default Judgment" I thought I would just wait for them to tell me to be in court and try and deal with it. Very hard times. Now March of 2012 I just had my bank account wiped out. I have not paid my rent or any bills this month yet and that is what my most recent paycheck was for. I can't even get chemo tomorrow because I have nothing. I know it's their right, I guess and It's my fault, but I'm looking for some serious help here. I don't know what to do. I don't have any back up funds other then my paycheck which is bi-weekly. I have rent due next week as well. I screwed up, but I can't even think of how I can get this fixed. Also, the papers say the debt is about 4,000. I've never had a debt that large! When I did agree to pay them a few years ago they did say something about interest when I asked about the money. I was so messed up on the drugs that I had from my doctor and the chemo I just wanted everything to be ok.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I make pretty decent money but I cannot afford for my bank account to be cleaned out. I had to borrow money today (so embarrassing) and I am back for chemo tomorrow so I needed money for my co-pay as well. This is really horrible. I'm really desperate. I really can't have this going on.

Do you think I can contact the company that is taking my money or should I get a lawyer (which I can't afford now)?

Thank you for reading and I hope I hear back. I'm really not trying to steal or get out of paying but it's been tough and they never worked with me (well the original creditor).

Thank you,

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Well, I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. The first thing that I'd like to say is that Payday lending is illegal in PA. Its just bad luck that you didn't know about it and ended up suffering a financial setback because of that. How much was the original CC debt and how much did you pay to the collection agency before defaulting again? What exactly do you mean when you say that your bank account got wiped out? Which state are you in? Even if your creditor garnishes your wages and puts a lien on your bank account, they can't just take every penny out of it. Give us the details we asked for and maybe we could point you in the right direction.

Take care. Godspeed.

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