Hi Nelly - I see you're a regular poster on debtco

Hi Nelly - I see you're a regular poster on debtconsolidationcare.com -- do you have any recommendations on finding someone who can really help with our debt? The info on the forums makes me spin - so many people with good and bad results -- how do you find someone reputable to work with? We have a LOT of credit card debt and are nearing the point where we really can't even pay our monthly bills... definitely can't pay extra on credit cards - or sometimes even the minimum. How do I find someone reputable who's not going to rip me off?

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If you are not able to pay off your debts on your own, then you can get help from a professional debt relief company. These companies can help you repay your bills comfortably. You can check out the following link to get a list of reliable debt relief companies in USA:




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